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Q: What is Picasso?

A: Picasso helps independent and rising musicians meet their musical goals with our expertise in new music release strategies and marketing. 

Q: My song isn't finished yet, can Picasso help connect with session musicians, producers, and engineers?

A: Absolutely, Picasso has a network of amazing creatives ready to help your new project cross the finish line.

Q: Who started Picasso?

A: Picasso Music Group was founded in 2021in Austin Texas by musician and entrepreneur Will Fortney who holds an MBA from UT Austin with an concentration in music marketing and strategy.

Q: Picasso is flat fee?

A: Yes that means you pay Picasso upfront for our services and in exchange you walk away with 100% ownership of the finished product and maintain complete creative control of your project. 

Q: Does adverting work? I'm skeptical 

A: You are right to be skeptical. The sad fact is most marketing campaigns never reach their potential due to mismanaged budgets and unclear goals. Picasso's process helps every dollar of ad spend reach further.

Q: Why shouldn't I just do it myself?

A: The most simple answer is the time and money savings. Google and Facebook ads are confusing and can very easily turn into a waste of ad money when they are not optimized. The "experts" from Google and Facebook will be available to you, but you will find they are nothing more than a sales team whose goal is to get you to spend as much as possible. Picasso is the neutral third party who helps you navigate these choppy waters through experience and expertise. 


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