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Available Services

New Music Release Strategy

Don't let your next release flop! Picasso uses their expertise and experience to guide you through the best strategies to maximize the reach of your new music,

Project Management

Did you know there are as many as 1300 invididual decisions that go into a single music release? Wow, let Picasso take the pressure off and assist with managing your musical project and getting it to the finish line faster and cheaper! 

Connect You With Producers and Engineers

Picasso has a wide network of amazing session musicians, producers, and engineers all working on a flat fee basis. Let Picasso connect you with world class talent! 

Contract Negoations


The experts at Picasso can guide you through contact negotiations and connect you with attorneys at a flat fee upfront which greatly simplifies the process. 

 Ad Campaign Design

Does advertising work? Sadly most campaigns underperform and waste valuable dollars. Picasso has in-house marketing experts to help every dollar of advertising go farther and faster to support your new release.

Tax and Financial Consulting for Musicians

Did you know there are dozens of write-offs and tax breaks specifically for musicians that go untapped every year? Picasso connects you with CPAs with expertise in keeping more dollars in your pocket and increasing the size of your tax return. 


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